How to know if someone had blocked you on whatsapp ?

Am i blocked on whatsapp? 

The Whatsapp messenger has a feature to block anyone on whatsapp if you don't wish to talk them anymore.There is no sure shot way to find out this.But these are some tell-tale signs that can sort you indeed you have been blocked.

  • Look for the person's last seen or last chat window.But the person can change their 'last seen' settings,but it is definitely among one of the indicators.

  • Look for the whatsapp profile pic of the person..In case it does not change and always you see the same profile pic of that person,you may have been blocked.
  • If you send a message to the blocked contact person it always shows one 1 check mark which means that message has been sended by you,but it never gets updated to double check mark.
  • Make attempts to call the blocked person through whatsapp,it will never go through.